Rev, Matthew, Ari, family portraits, USA, California

We had a wonderful experience with Aneta! The photo shoot was not at all rushed, with many different poses and thoughtful picture designs. The photos themselves were done much quicker than anticipated and were far beyond expectations. We love the final product!

Amanda, mother of Amelia, kid´s portraits, USA, California

If you are looking for a gifted photographer for your wedding, engagement photos or dreamy portraits, you should contact Aneta Coufalova. She's incredibly talented and took some AMAZING pictures of my 9 year old daughter. She's got an incredible eye. She's also got a very fast turnaround on her photos. I was incredibly impressed. I can assure you that you will love the end results.

Kayla, portraits, USA, California

Working with Aneta was so wonderful! She made me feel super comfortable in front of the camera and we did several looks. I was soooo happy with the photos, it was so hard to choose! She has an amazing eye for what looks good, lighting, and helping with poses. Not to mention she's really great at getting the photos back to you quickly! It was almost like instant gratification! We actually are planning to shoot again next week! Highly recommend!

Melanie from France, portraits, USA, California

To me Aneta's pictures speak for themselves. I came across her profile and fell in love with her style right away. I needed more portraits for my portfolio and decided to do it with Aneta. Im so in love with the result. The photoshoot was so much fun, Aneta is super friendly and such perfectionist. She couldn't stop shooting! I really hope I'll be able to work with her again in the near future. I've worked with quite a lot of photographers but never loved it as much as Aneta's work. If you're searching for a photographer, look no further, you found the one!!!

Lola, portraits, USA, California

I had such a wonderful experiences working with Aneta. She made me feel so comfortable, I was smiling the entire shoot. I received my images back pretty quickly. I loved the way my images turned out and I received tons of compliments. She definitely has an eye for beauty. Do yourself a favor and book Aneta to capture your special moments, you won't be disappointed.


Branda, portraits, USA, California

Aneta is an exceptionally talented, professional, and patient photographer. She is very easy to work with because of how comfortable and special she makes you feel - even for those who feel awkward in front of a camera...(me!) My photos came out beautifully and exceeded all my expectations. Her work also spans a very wide range, so I highly recommend her for any occasion you want to remember.

Banke, portraits, USA, California

I was in need a new images for my modeling portfolio. I came across Aneta when I did a local search for photographers in my area. I'm so glad that I had the opportunity to work with her. She is very professional and gave me great direction. My images were also very beautiful! I strongly recommend working with her.

Lexington, portraits, USA, California

Aneta is an extremely talented photographer! Not only are her pictures beautiful but she is really good at giving direction during to the shoot to make sure you get the best outcomes! I loved working with her and was so happy with the work she did. Will definitely look to Shoot with her again in the future.

Joan, portraits, USA, California

Aneta has a unique style and vision. She is a truly talented photographer, who brings soul into her photos using natural light and harmony of colors. We had a wonderful session in a very professional, friendly manner and she provided retouched pictures in the next several days. I appreciate her taste in photography and her patience with the weather. I would recommend you schedule a photographic session with Aneta, especially if you're looking for pictures that are full of life, emotion and passion.

Nelli, portraits, USA, California

Aneta is very lovely and amazing to work with. We didn't have a lot of time but in a short time we had she did beautiful pictures with a romantic atmosphere.
Definitely recommend!

Sarah, portraits, USA, California

Thank you so much Aneta, you did a great job on my photos and you're an absolutely pleasure to work with. I'm really happy with her service and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. You go girl!!

Kamilah, portraits, USA, California

Aneta is AMAZING! She has a great eye. It is clear that she experienced, talented, and passionate about her craft. I highly recommend working with her. You won't be disappointed!

Jennifer, Krystian, pregnancy + family portraits, USA, California

1. Had an absolutely amazing experience with Aneta. Despite windy conditions, she was able to produce amazing photos for us. She has creative ideas and assists in posing for those non-models, like ourselves :) I would definitely recommend Aneta to capture your excitement and joy in photos because she does an incredible job! Her turn around time for photos was a week so didn't have to wait long to share with family :) A complete pleasure to work with. We'll be doing another session with family after the new year!
2. Had the pleasure of working with Aneta again. Last shoot we had was our maternity session, this time it was of the 3 of us. As always, very professional and absolutely gorgeous photos!

Irina, Andrew, pregnancy portraits, USA, California

Aneta did a great job on taking our maternity pictures. First of all, she made us feel very comfortable. Moreover, she guided us throughout the whole session, giving us ideas about the different poses we could do. She played with the sun light during the sunset and the pictures turned out amazing! The next day we already had some pictures ready. I will definitely ask Aneta to take some pictures of our next family events.

Thirati Kay, portraits, USA, California

I love Aneta. She is an awesome photographer. She took a picture of me and my baby a few months ago. I honestly didn't think that I would be able to get good pictures because we shot by the ocean and it was unexpectedly windy that day, but when she sent me the pictures I was in tear! Yes!!! They are really great. Highly recommended.

Lewis, portraits, USA, California

I needed a professional shot as a Musician, and I was a little skeptical only because I didn't see any photos with musicians holding instruments.....boy was I wrong.  Aneta is one of best at what she does!  Sunny/outdoor shots is her specialty.  She's very detailed and pays attention to the little things.  I was completely surprised and satisfied with the results that came out.  I'm no model by any means lol, but man I loved the photos.  She is permanently at the top of my go-to list for professional photography. I'm excited to work with her throughout the year.  Very super cool person!  Easy to work with, communicates in timely professional manner, but an even cooler accent lol.  Thanks Aneta! <<<

Natalie, portraits, USA, California

Aneta was great to work with and I absolutely loved how the pictures turned out. She was very professional and such a great photographer. I would highly recommend to everyone.

Aneta, Matous and Erik Hlousek, wedding, pregnancy + birthday pictures, Drnovice, Prague, Czech Republic

We had previously used Aneta’s services before for photos. I am very satisfied with each photo session! I like her style a lot. She is very helpful, open-minded to all ideas and has a very gentle touch. She adapts to each of our needs and she is also full of good ideas and suggestions. It’s obvious she loves her work. Our wedding photos turned out very beautiful and we admire them very much. Aneta also took our son's birthday photos. I was very excited and satisfied with each photo session. Aneta made the whole process fun and the pictures turned out great. I highly recommend Aneta as a photographer for anyone looking for one, and I'm looking forward to using her services again!

Zuzka and Jakub Slezak, wedding, Zlin, Czech Republic

Dear Aneta, I was looking for the best wedding photographer and happened to find you by coincidince.... we wanted someone from around our city, but no one else was available or because of thier awfull manners, really unacceptable. I was pretty desperate and I was willing to pay whatever price I needed for a polite photographer. Then I found you, and I knew that you were exactly the right kind of photograhper for the job. I was pleasantly surprised by your kindness towards me. We spent all year planning our wedding and making arrangements, and I especially appreciated your willingness to travel all the way from Prague. As soon as we started writing each other, I knew I would like you a lot. At first I was quite disappointed that I did not get the photographers that I originally wanted, but then my friend said, "I guess it was meant to be, and you will certainly be satisfied and happy with Aneta." and that is exactly how it happened. So now I know that if I ever get married again, I will pick you.

Dana and Honza Chalupa, wedding, Mnisek pod Brdy, Czech Republic

Dear Aneta, We would like to thank you for how amazing and gorgeous our wedding photos turned out. You spent all day taking pictures with us, from the early morning, till the late evening. You mingled very well with the other wedding guests, took hundreds of pictures and did all of this without causing any hassle or hysterical stress! You took pictures of a lot of moments that we would have definitelly missed out on without any planning, and you also took pictures of moments we had no idea had occured. For a couple of distraught newlyweds, you handled the situation with a proffessional, kind and respectful manner. The hundreds of photos turned out so beautiful and fabulous. Thank you very much and we’ll see you again.

Beata and Tomas Korinek, wedding, Luhacovice, Czech Republic

Anetka and I have been friends sense our University school years (although we have not seen each other in a few years), so when it came to finding a photographer for our wedding, we knew who to speak to. She was in New Zealand at the time we spoke to her about our wedding photography arrangements. We completed all our preparations and plans 3 months prior to our wedding, and even from as far away as New Zealand, she arrived to our wedding on time. We started our session with the bridal preparations, and continued into pictures of the groom and bride together. Our photo session was so perfect and Anetka was such a hard worker that she even got a little disappointed that she couldn’t take even more pictures. All day from morning to evening, Anetka was there, with us every step of the way, but at the same time, she was hardly even noticeable. Her dedication to our wedding and our satisfaction really surprised us. In total, we received 850 beautiful pictures, perfectly edited and even including black and white versions. Overall, we were very happy and satisfied with Anetka and will use her services again in the future. We highly recommend Anetka’s services for anyone seeking a photographer. Tom + Bety, Luhacovice.

Hana and Thomas Knapp, wedding, Pardubice, Czech Republic

We had Aneta as a photographer at our wedding as our first choice, because my husband is a photographer too, and he knows Aneta’s photos from experience. I must say, it was a good choice. Aneta was very helpful and friendly from the beginning, and she simply blended in among the guests. Honestly, after receiving the photos, we really saw her talents come to life by what she captured, all the amazing moments, and the moments we had no idea occurred. Well, we are really satisfied with the results. So, we would recommend her. Thanks a lot!

Petra and Jirka, wedding, Brno, Czech Republic

I found Anetka on Facebook in 2003. I was amazed by her work in 2014 and took the opportunity to hire her. Anetka was very professional and worked with great enthusiasm. I felt very comfortable around Anetka, as if we had known each other for a long time. I knew without a doubt that the photographer for my wedding in August 2015, would be Anetka. Anetka was very professional and never disturbed any of the guests. Her ability to remain completely out of view, while acquiring some of the best photos I’ve ever seen blew my mind. Her photos captured amazing details and things I didn’t even see happen at our wedding. Anetka’s photos capture the very essence of the moment, laughter, tears of joy, all the emotion of my loved ones who have spent this great day with us. Anetka was amazing and helpful who makes the quality of her photography the very nature of her work. Thank you!

Eva and Standa, wedding, Prague Pruhonice, Czech Republic

Aneta is a professional photographer who knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere. We felt so relaxed and calm around her, and we knew that the result would be worth it, it really was. Thank you very much for the beautiful memories. :)

Dagmar and Vojta Vlasak, wedding, Krejnice, Czech Republic

Thank you so much for such beautiful photos, because of your photos, our memories of that day will be unforgettable! Thanks a lot!

Pavla and Tobi, wedding, Prague, Czech Republic

Pictures turned out great. Thanks a lot Aneta!

Zuzka, portraits, make-up artist & stylist, Prague, Czech Republic

Anetka is a photo goddess! She has a wonderful photographic eye, sees opportunity and great photographic moments before they arise. She also edits her photos perfectly. They are made of a magical talent, like something you would see out of a fairytale, especially her portraits, they are most fascinating. Anetka is also an amazing person to work with. I am personally grateful for the chance to work with such a talented and amazing photographer. She has a lot of skills and experience and will enhance any portfolio lucky enough to get the chance to exhibit her work. I look forward to working with Anetka in the future. Thank you for everything Anetka! I am truly greatful to have you in my life!

Martina, portraits, Brno, Czech Republic

Aneta is a photographer I highly recommend. She was friendly, quirky, and generally pleasant for the entire duration of the photo session. The resulting pictures were beautiful, her simple and orginal style give gorgeous pictures with the right pizzazz. Anetka was very friendly and courteous even throughout the photo editing process. Thank you very much Anetka, and I look forward to working with you again for future photo sessions.

Petra, portraits, Prague, Czech Republic

I am a little shy and at first was kind of afraid of the idea of doing a photo session as I have no experience modeling. However, Anetka was there to help enable me to take some beautiful pictures that even someone as shy as I was, would be able to do. Anetka was professional and encouraging which helped me overcome my fear, and her talents show in her pictures. She has a natural eye for photographic oppurtunities, even in ordinary places, and she loves her work. Her photos are natural and simple, with their own charm (her great admiration and care for each and every photo shows ). Thank you for taking a photo session with me Anetka, and I hope it’s not the last.

Marketa, portraits, Prague, Czech Republic

Anetka is an incredibly talented photographer with a lot of experience under her belt. She always created a pleasent and cheerful atmosphere which was essental for the resulting beautiful photographs. She’s an absoulte pro and she is very nice. The best choice for a photographer, is to trust in her caipable hands.

Aneta, Zdenek, Linda, family portraits, Prague, Pribram, Czech Republic

I highly recommend this extremely talented photographer, Aneta. She is not only a nice and relaxing girl, but a true professional. Each photo session was very friendly, fun and rewarding. The pictures of my pregnancy turned out beautiful, and also the pictures of my girl were gorgeous when she was born.

Simona, Martin, couple pictures, Prague, Czech Republic

The photo session turned out great. The day was hot, but Aneta was such a professional and showed us how talented she is, and she did a great job. She can handle people very well. She lets your natural beauty show, so you feel it was just an amazing afternoon out with loved ones, plus we got some amazing pictures in the end. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck in the future Aneta.

Michaela, Milan, couple pictures, Brno, Czech Republic

SPLENDED! Or perhaps simply incredible. Her pictures are important to us and are perfect, they have a very natural look and capture the little moments in our lives. We’re not just two characters photo shopped onto a pasted background, and thats exactly how good quality photos are supposed to be. Anetka was able to capture moments that could only be described as unimaginable. Her work is so perfect, I really loved each and every photo, I was really surprised photos could turn out like this, totally unexpected. She provided us with an ample amount of beautiful moments, even a gorgeous collage, it’s just so beautiful. Anetka was very pleasant and created a very pleasant atomoshpere we wish would never have ended. The resulting photos are very beautiful, I can only describe them as perfection! We look forward to another fun photo session with you! Misha, Milda

Pavla, portraits pictures, Prague, Czech Republic

One of the best photo shootings I have ever experienced in my life. Pleasant atmosphere, kind personality and a dedicated worker. And the results are beautiful, soft and perfect photos. Anetka has a natural talent with photos.

Hana Verna, Second Princess 2009, 1st runner-up Miss Supranational 2010, portraits, Prague, Czech Republic

I felt Aneta was great because she is cool, quick to capture that perfect moment and really passionate about her craft.

Nelly, Make-up artist, fashion stylist, model, Prague, Czech Republic

Aneta is a very nice, reliable and talented photographer. I took pictures with her several times; once as a stylist, as well as a model, and I really enjoyed every photo session! I look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with her again.

Radka, make-up stylist, hair dresser, Prague, Czech Republic

Aneta is a successful professional. She has talent, style and original ideas. She is a perfectionist and meets her deadlines. She works hard, trying to always make the results perfect in every way. Actually, I cannot believe that she taught herself! :)


Ales, Jana, Ida, Lada Prepechal, wedding + maternity + family pictures, South Moravia, Czech Republic

Thank you very much for a very pleasant afternoon family shooting with our pregnancy. It was an experience for all of us, especially for our 2 year old daughter. It was not our first shot, we have beautiful wedding memories, thanks to this photographer. Her work is professional and she knows how to make natural, beautiful, pictures with simple and easy methods. Her pictures are not overly edited and are very appealing.


Pavla, boudoir, Prague, Czech republic

My dear gals (meaning photographer and the make-up artist), the holidays have given me a bit of work this year, so I have time now. I would like to thank both of you for allowing me to participate in making beautiful glamour photos and making memories, especially for my husband, when she will want to recall them in my 60s when I used to be young :-D The photos I handed over as a Christmas present in the form Wall A2 calendar on photo paper were well received. We all know that I am not a "model", I did not know how to stand up, strike a pose, but thanks to you it was a great result :-) I did not practice any poses, faces and did not train in front of the mirror, so therefore I was more surprised, What a spontaneous photo shoot! Thank you for your help with outfits, make-up, poses, the great atmosphere, refreshments, transportation, for 2 more photos sent above standard delivery, just for everything. I hope that we will meet again and together we will create other nice pictures, for example, when I have kids! :-D. At the same time, I want to wish you a beautiful new year for 2016, especially a lot of health for you and your loved ones, and finally, that you have a lot of satisfied clients. ;-)