Hello, I am Dr. Aneta Coufalova

I am a psychologist and a portrait, wedding, and landscape photographer based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, USA.
Originally from the Czech Republic in Europe, I hold two Doctorate degrees in Psychology, having graduated from both Czech (2013) and American (2022) universities.

Beyond the therapy chair, I am a passionate photographer on a mission to capture the essence of the beauty of flowers, nature, landscapes and human spirit via portraits. My wanderlust has taken me from the enchanting culture of Czech Republic to the vibrant landscapes of California. Exploring new places and capturing their essence through my lens is not just a hobby but a source of inspiration that fuels my spirit. Through the lens of my camera and portraiture, I have been exploring the profound connection between the vulnerability and strength of human beings. Photography, for me, is not just an art form; it's a celebration of authenticity and self-discovery. Each portrait I capture tells a story—a narrative of courage, resilience, and the incredible beauty that emerges when we embrace our true selves.

One of my other greatest joys is embarking on road trips, soaking in the scenic beauty that unfolds with each turn. There's something magical about the freedom of the open road and the promise of new discoveries around every corner.
Food is another doorway to culture, and I find immense joy in savoring the rich flavors of Indian and Vietnamese cuisine.

The ocean, sunsets, and the delicate beauty of morning dew on flowers hold a special place in my heart. These natural wonders often serve as metaphors in my own reflections, and I find solace in their timeless beauty.


As a self-taught photographer, my journey began in 2006 with a focus on macro/close-up photography. Initially drawn to capturing the delicate beauty of water drops and flowers in their natural habitat, I later transitioned into portraiture. My background in nature photography has significantly influenced my style, emphasizing unique compositions, depth of field, and a nuanced understanding of colors to highlight the beauty of my models.

Leveraging the natural environment, I've honed the ability to create visually striking images that seamlessly complement the inherent beauty of my subjects. Proficient in utilizing natural lighting, I believe that the innate talent for photography is a gift, allowing an intuitive connection with the photographic moment, often surpassing what formal institutions can impart. I firmly believe that artists are perpetually evolving, and there's no need to confine one's skills.
Embracing this philosophy, I view every idea, even those outside my 'comfort zone,' as an opportunity to create something truly unique. Despite this, my genuine passion lies in capturing portraits, sunsets and close-up shots of nature.


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